High standard course with role plays in order to select qualified, high standard and approved mediators in international level

THAC (Thailand Arbitration Center) together with HKMAAL (Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited) will provide an Exclusive Training Course “THAC Mediators Training Class 1”. This course will present you with an overview of mediation, dispute resolution process structure and mediation practice in order to support effective communication between parties and improve your negotiation skills and dispute management. Participants will learn all process, strategies and common practice including mediation skills and how to communicate as a mediator. After finished this course, the participants will be ready to be professional mediators.

With this 5-day (40 hrs.) course conducted in English you can become a professional mediator. The training process includes role plays which participants will be divided into small groups so that you can experience real situation and the lecturer can monitor closely throughout the training. The lecture will be delivered by professional mediator who has knowledge, experience and expertise in the field.

Only 39,000 THB. for the high quality course at the international standard and after completed this course and passed the evaluation, you will be listed in THAC mediator panel.

Apply now! (Only 40 persons) Training Dates: 19-23 January 2015


* After submitted the application, you will receive confifirmation with reference number to pay course fee. ** Upon full payment, you will be fully entitled to take this course.